DAPP Account DAO

Initial pool

eCurve will launch with a single base pool of bridged USDC and DAI (with DAD USD bridge) and native EOS USDT token.


Initial eCurve pool of DAD bridged USDC & DAI along with EOS USDT token will serve as base pool and termed as 3pool
It allows adding Ethereum side stablecoin liquidity (USDC and DAI) and swap opportunity with EOS native tether (USDT). Some of the use cases it serves are as follows:
  • Converting USDT in EOS (tethertether) to USDC and DAI pegged stablecoins which can be sent to Ethereum using DAD USD bridge
  • Using pegged USDC and DAI natively on EOS for various use cases, e.g. swapping on Defibox, using as stablecoins for buying options on DAD options platform.
Last modified 1yr ago