DAPP vault for staking tokens and earning DSP staking rewards. The pool currently stake to DAD community launched staking pool under dadgoverndsp that distributes all inflation rewards to pool.

Staking to DAPP vault

Earn yield on DAPP by depositing into DDAPP vault. You receive DDAPP tokens in your account based on current price of DDAPP token. Yield accumulates in DDAPP tokens and you can withdraw anytime by sending DDAPP tokens back to the contract. DDAPP value only goes up over time as the yield accumulates into it.
Always watch the wallet action while depositing or withdrawing. You should not send tokens to any other contract other than depositdapp1. Never whitelist actions to send tokens without verifying the receiver address.

How to deposit

Send DAPP to depositdapp1 contract.
  • Use any EOS wallet and transfer DAPP tokens to address "depositdapp1"

How to withdraw

Send DDAPP to depositdapp1 contract
  • Use any EOS wallet and transfer DDAPP tokens to address "depositdapp1"

Withdraw unsuccessful?

If you withdraw an amount that is more than available liquidity in the pool due to staked tokens, your withdrawal will be added to the queue. You can call withdrawq action on the contract to process the queue. Any user can call withdrawq action on contract without submitting a withdrawal action or having tokens in the queue.